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We are tour guides in the Old City of Jerusalem who over the last decades have had the opportunity to see which items visitors love the best. We have been saddened to see stores that cater to tourists struggling during the Covid pandemic because borders have been closed to visitors. Artisans who have always been successful throughout the years are now unable to pay their basic bills, and many shops are at risk of closing.


We decided to help others to help them out by opening up an online Jerusalem Old City Market, to bring the magic of the Old City right to your door. 

And, we thought some of you would also appreciate the opportunity to shop in the Old City Market comfortably from your own home and get the best prices without any hassle.

How does our service work? Contact us to set up an up to one hour shopping trip to the Old City. During that time, we will be in contact on WhatsApp or Facetime Video. You will meet store owners, see products, and if you see something you like, you can buy it right then by credit card directly from the shop as you watch.

Shopping trip is $35 which you pay when you schedule the time.

We do not take any commissions. Shop owner receives the full payment price for the item.

Write to us with your requests, and we will do our best to get back to you asap!

Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok for amazing videos, stories, sites, and sounds of the Old City of Jerusalem.



The shops use rapid international delivery services of the Israeli post office. They will check the exact shipping costs to your location and that will be included in the cost. Keep in mind that some countries charge customs duties on imports. Customs fees in your country will not be included in the purchase price.

Your item should arrive within 12 business days of purchase. Keep in mind there can be delays due to the Pandemic or holiday seasons. 


We wish we could be like Amazon! Unfortunately, the shops can not provide free shipping for returns. Please make sure the product you are purchasing is exactly what you want. If it arrives broken, contact us asap, send pictures and we will ask the shop to send a replacement item.



We work with only the most secure online payment services for the virtual shopping fee of $35 per hour. For purchases, the shop owner will process your payment and show you the receipt during the virtual shopping excursion.



We guarantee that your name, address, or any other information will not be given or sold to anyone for any purpose. 


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